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    AES continues to accelerate the future of energy with the launch of its new brand identity

    AES continues to accelerate the future of energy with the launch of its new brand identity

    New Delhi, INDIA (April 13, 2021) -- AES India, a subsidiary of The AES Corporation (NYSE: AES), today launched a new brand identity that reflects the company’s commitment and the world’s transition to a cleaner energy future. Faced with fast moving changes to the energy and climate landscapes, India and the world are seeking new ways to move toward low carbon and even 24/7 carbon-free energy solutions. AES is committed to helping its customers and stakeholders achieve that transformation. Our new and exciting visual identity conveys our values and purpose as we continue innovate and create the greener, smarter energy solutions the world needs.


    AES India plays a key role in meeting the ever-increasing energy needs of its customers and stakeholders, while meeting expectations for smarter, more reliable and more efficient energy solutions. AES India will continue helping its customers achieve their clean energy goals through innovation, innovative products for solar developers and increasing use of renewable energy resources in combination with new digital technologies. The company’s new visual identity tells the story of AES’ journey toward a greener, better and more sustainable future.


    The company has aggressively led the world's transition to cleaner energy and is executing an ambitious carbon reduction strategy. As one of the largest renewables developers in the world, AES is adding 2 to 3 gigawatts (GW) of new renewables every year and has a 6 GW backlog of clean energy projects, including those with signed agreements or under construction. AES leads the energy industry with a number of leading-edge advances in renewables, digital innovation and battery energy storage. For example, Fluence, a Siemens and AES company, is the world’s leader in energy storage systems, with – 2,5 GW of power in development and commitments.

    AES is also leading the transition to a cleaner energy future, revising and accelerating its ambitious carbon reduction goals. AES recently announced its plans to reduce coal generation to below 10% by 2025 on a proforma basis, five years earlier than its prior commitment. To realize that goal, AES will continue to innovate and work in close collaboration with its customers and other stakeholders. Energy is no longer about supply and demand – it’s about partnership.


    At AES, we’ve been partnering with our customers to strategically transition to new solutions while continuing to meet their de-carbonized energy needs. We’ve been doing it with safety, integrity, and the highest standards for decades. Working across markets at every stage of development and with industries of every kind.

    AES India has proven its ability to meet the highest standards by building and operating India’s first and South Asia’s largest grid-scale Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Delhi. The 10 MW one-hour BESS was inaugurated in February 2019 at a Delhi distribution company. This project has been built to demonstrate the benefits that BESS can bring to the Indian electricity grid such as peak shifting, frequency response, reactive power, investment deferral in distribution network and help in reducing deviation settlement penalties etc.


    “Being the only large US utility with continued presence in India for nearly 30 years, we are committed to the smarter and cleaner energy future of the country. We are proud to contribute to the modernization of the energy sector in India via our cutting-edge solutions in the field of solar energy and energy storage. Together with our partners in India we are accelerating the future of energy, Rajendra Shrivastav, President of AES India said”. We are excited to present our new identity, which embodies our vision, values, and goals for a cleaner energy future. Together, we are accelerating the future of energy.
    To connect with AES India about its transformation and new brand, please contact Nikolay Peychev, AES Eurasia Communications Lead, at

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